Buy the best quality of Textile Printing Thickener.

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Buy the best quality of Textile Printing Thickener.

Adgums Private Limited was founded in 1958 with the goal of creating and providing exceptional performance Textile Printing Thickener all over the world with the utmost expertise. Due to our efforts in the development of thickeners, cutting-edge production facilities, technological know-how, exceptional market connections, and sheer excellence of thickeners quality with superb consistency, we became one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of mentioned thickeners. Currently, we can produce 6600 metric tonnes of goods annually. We ship internationally to more than 25 countries. For us, growth and technical progress are constant activities that are integral to daily living. Guar, tamarind, starch, and soda ash are used to manufacture and produce several derivatives.

Based on the particular requirements of each customer and market, we have developed 40 distinct thickener variations for a range of applications such as printing on textiles, yarn sizing, underwater cables, building, and painting.

Consistency and quality are of the utmost importance to ADGUMS. We arrived at specific quality standards for each thickness only after carefully analyzing the problems each client was having. The development of our thickeners formulations and production innovations are at a critical point at this point. Even after many breaks, In Process and Batch particular checks carried out in a well-equipped laboratory produce outstanding homogeneity of thickeners for all the suppliers.

Our research and development centre compares thickeners, evaluates technical data, and creates novel thickeners and procedures. The key to our exponential expansion as a 100% export-oriented unit over the years has been bespoke product creation to meet the technical and financial needs of clients and markets without sacrificing performance in thickening quality. The development and manufacturing of appropriate thickeners for all types of fibres, textile qualities, dyestuff classes, and printing techniques are guaranteed by our quality control and research & development processes.

Adgums values the environment and the demands of its customers, which is why we provide environmentally friendly products that adhere to standards like Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Blue Sign. The concepts of ties, partnerships, and togetherness have an impact on both printing and interpersonal interactions. Our products serves a crucial function in achieving the best and proper bonding of dyestuffs and fibres in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

Why Us?

In the below points, we have listed some attributes of our company that have resulted in our glorious success:

  • Premium quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Fair policies
  • Doorstep delivery
Working Approach

We are working in a systematic manner to accomplish different business operations with more efficiency. Further, complete transparency is maintained by us while serving customers with Textile Printing Thickener.
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